407 Alert System STC

E&B Helicopters Ltd. Avionics Division is proud to announce that we have received STC's from the TCCA, FAA and EASA for an Audible Check Instrument warning system designed for the bell 407. This brings another level of safety to pilots, is cost effective and easy to install.

It is easily integrated with other warning systems on the market and monitors the TRQ, MGT and NG indicators. This system will alert the pilot to an audible warning before any limits are reached thus saving overhaul costs and downtime

As a backup audible system this will reduce the workload for the pilot and add another level of safety.This kit has been designed to easily interface with many external warning light kits.It is an easy installation taking 1.5 days due to drying time for small inserts that get mounted.

There is also some small specialized crimping that needs to be done. Included in this kit is everything for the installation except potting compound for the inserts.

For more informations please contact Tony Bodie at (250)287-4421 or ebavion [at] ebhelicopters [dot] com


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